The Rattlin' Bones is the musical collaboration of Eva Riihiluoma, Sage Arias and Philip Wright. With influences from Medieval Europe to the back cabins of Appalachia, the show is an auditory tour that weaves bardic storytelling with the folk traditions. Eva’s vocals, described as sultry and powerful, combined with a multi-instrumental array create the trio’s compelling sound. Listeners often mention the feeling of being transported to another time and place. Alongside original music and compositions, the trio collects and performs the heirlooms of vintage music from Ireland, old Europe, and old time Americana. The songs range from the haunted ghosts of the old world and ballad style tales to songs of redemption and soulful revelation.  

Eva Riihiluoma-vocals, classical guitar, mandola, octave mandolin, bodhran, spoons

Sage Arias-Irish bouzouki, mandola, hurdy gurdy, banjo

Philip Wright-Upright Bass